Vladimir Georgiev mayor of the municipality of Samokov

We are so thankfull that the mayor and the municipality of Samokov accepted the challenge this year, the resort of Borovetz to host a big forum, who will take place for the 25-th time in Bulgaria – А jazz festival Dr. Emil Iliev!
Vladimir Georgiev mayor of the municipality of Samokov says:
“I think that this will open new possibilities for the region and will attract visitors, who will discover the magic symbiosis of the beautiful mountain and the unique musical performances of international acknowledged names in jazz.
I hope, that the first edition will be a fine new start of an event, that will and it’s home here and will win recognition as a tradition in the rich cultural calendar of the municipality of Samokov. The choice of Samokov and Borovetz is not only because of the good locality and beautiful nature. Let us not forget the fact, that this is the birthplace of the famous Bulgarian jazzman Roumen Toskov – Rupeto, who left a bright trail in the history of Bulgarian jazz. This gives us the opportunity to pay homage properly to our fellow – citizen Rupeto.
I want to thank the inheritors of Dr. Emil Iliev for the trust they vote us and I am sure, that the first edition of the festival, which will carry the name of Dr. Iliev, will add to Samokov and Borovetz a new appearance as a destination of high quality music. The team has prepared a wonderful and rich program, that will satisfy the most refined taste and the excellent music will fill the foot of Rila mountain with much charge and excellent emotions.
You are welcome to feel the magic of jazz in combination with perfect conditions for tourism, rich cultural and historical inheritance and all this in the middle of the beautiful nature of the region.”
Vladimir Georgiev mayor of the municipality of Samokov